Mallory’s epic new series is out April 18th 2017!

To make it sweeter, Book 1 is only 99c!



Samantha Harris walked away from her family, and magic, years ago. But when a string of murders rocks New York City, Sam can’t help but notice that the placement of the bodies screams magic. Except no one in her family seems to pick up the connection.

When she tries to give the lead detective a quick hint to send him in the right direction, Sam gets sucked further into the investigation than she ever thought possible. Now Detective Derek Pierce has to put together the half truths Sam is giving him and the facts of the case that get stranger by the second.

The killer is closer to Sam than she could’ve imagined and Derek is the only one who can stop him from tearing her family apart, but only if he knows the whole truth. And the whole truth is exactly what could kill him.



Burning Gold - Ebook Small

Ignoring the mess of her personal life, Sam Harris throws herself into her training, determined to actually use her powers for what they’re destined for.  But training hard and tough means she must become a full-fledged member of the Families, a task she’s never endured before.

Sam’s first duty for the Families is to uncover who is burning the homes of local witches.  While doing so, she encounters Detective Derek Pierce, the one man she hoped she’d never see again.

Derek is hellbent on figuring out where the connection lies between the witch community and the fires before anyone else gets hurt–anyone human that is.  But his investigation comes to a halt when Sam and her family get in his way.  Forced to work with the one woman he didn’t want anywhere near this danger, Derek sets out to protect Sam from the enemies that haunt her and her family. After all, Derek can’t bear to lose Sam again.  Can he find a way to save her when the evil is closer than he ever imagined?



Long and Lost 04

Samantha Harris is on the fast track. She’s one of the Families’ best employees and her magic is getting stronger by the day. Nothing is distracting her from being the perfect witch, not even Detective Derek Pierce, who claims they used to be a couple.

Derek knows that Sam’s grandmother messed with her memories, but nothing he says can convince her that they had something. Something stronger than magic. But with the darkness closing in more than ever before, he needs Sam to be on her A Game to protect the city from the growing threat.

The person calling the darkness is moving the final pieces into place. The only way Sam and Derek can stop this is if they work together and this time they can lose more than their memories.




A Little Wicked ebook Small

A Little Wicked is coming out July 7th, 2017! Set your calendars!

They thought the evil was gone, but the true danger is closer than they ever knew…

Now that Sam and Derek’s relationship is in the open, everything should go smoothly. But New York City hasn’t gotten that message.

As the families arrive, they leave a trail of bodies behind them, leaving Detective Derek Pierce and his unofficial witch partner (but official girlfriend), Samantha Harris, to deal with by hiding the bodies and finding the killer. Except seeing Derek compromise all of his morals to protect her family makes Sam see that no matter how happy he says he is, she might be the worst thing that ever happened to him.

If she wanted to do the right thing, she’d let Derek go. But after everything that’s happened to them, doesn’t Sam deserve the chance to be a little wicked?